Design a China cultural experience to meet your specific needs
What you can experience in China

For individuals, families, group organizers or companies

We can arrange a profound cultural experience for you. You can tailor your travel, or business research to gain a deep understanding of Chinese culture.

Our services include :

  • Screening the host family to ensure the safety for your homestay.
  • Matching you with a host family according to your career background and hobbies.
  • Arranging travel and business research service as needed upon request.
  • Providing local coordinator's support available 24/7.
  • Arranging other services as needed upon request.

Group Tours

We organize cultural, adventure tours for students and groups.

Mandarin Language Program

The Mandarin Language Program is a study abroad program, tailored to high school and college students. It brings young foreign travelers to the best that China has to offer. Through this language immersion program, the students are able to learn a wealth of knowledge about Chinese culture. Students are scheduled a safe stay with host families and their daily itinerary will be filled with cultural activities and sightseeing. Some activities include calligraphy, Chinese cuisine, and Kung Fu. They will also have exposure to the best of Chinese main attractions by visiting places like the Great Wall of China, The Temple of Heaven and the Forbidden City.

Adventure Tours

Are you looking for a fun and productive way to explore China? At ChinaHomestay, we offer small group tours at reasonable prices for you and your group. Through ChinaHomestay, you can explore China’s main attractions. Our tours of China include: Biking Tours, Hiking Tours, China Photography Tours, Nature Tours, and Family Tours. We can also customize your tour to your particular need.

Chinese Festival Tour

Festival is a huge part of China’s Tradition. Festivals can last for 3-4 days and they are highly regarded as some of the best, most celebrated parts of the Chinese culture. Through ChinaHomestay, you can pick any month to visit China and still have the chance to experience Chinese festivals. You can also sign up and pick up a specific festival to attend.

Chinese Cultural Exploration

Would you like to learn more about ancient Chinese traditions, the history of silk, Chinese medicine and Chinese tea? Through ChinaHomestay’s Chinese Cultural Exploration, you can attend Kung Fu classes, learn how to make silk, and learn Chinese traditional art.

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